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We're currently incubating more projects in the lab. We'll have more to say about those later in 2024... 👀

Building in betting 🛠

We're an operator of digital properties and products that we think should exist in the multi-billion dollar real-money gaming industry

The backstory:

The betting industry is growing faster than ever thanks to the opening of regulated markets in the US and Canada. But you probably already guessed that based on all the TV commercials.ParlayFM is a boutique idea incubator that looks for small wedges of opportunity in the quickly evolving betting ecosystem.When we see something we think makes sense, we develop the idea and test it in-market.If the market responds to an idea, we'll commit to investing in its growth. But we also know that not all ideas will be winners, and that's okay. It's part of the game.We operate with a set of guiding principles that we use as qualifying criteria for developing an idea:Betting only. An idea must be directly or indirectly connected to the wider betting & igaming ecosystem.Content x Community x Software. Every idea must occupy at least one of these three circles on a Venn diagram, or else it's not for us.No fancy tech. There are lots of smart people out there working on ideas to develop algorithms, ML models, etc. We'll leave all that to them. ParlayFM doesn't "do" complex technology.No-code stacks only. We're fervent believers in the power of using no-code tools to build out and validate our ideas. If the idea can't be built using no-code, it ain't for us.Clear & quick paths to revenue and/or attention. No moonshots here. We're only interested in ideas that can monetize quickly (software), or else brings in new audiences (content & community).No unicorn hunting. We're not out here trying to become the next member of the three comma club, and the scale of an idea doesn't need to produce venture-scale returns.ParlayFM was founded in 2022 by Jesse Learmonth, a 13 year betting industry veteran that has worked at the highest levels as a founder, supplier, and operator.All projects incubated within ParlayFM are fully owned by Parlay Labs Inc., a privately held company with no outside investors. It makes for pretty boring board meetings.The story will inevitably evolve, but that's it for now. It's early days and we have a high time preference.Think you can help somehow based on what you're seeing here? Contact us.Now back to building 🛠

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